• Frasiska Trie Septianasari
Keywords: The number of family members, economic status, nutritional status, level of knowledge of mothers


Less of nutrients is one of the nutrient disturbance disease because the less of food
concumptions. Children’s weights is less to 80% index of weight accoding to age. Puskesmas
Sukamerindu had the highest score of child under five years old with nutrientless. The
purpose of this research is to know the relation of mothers knowledge degree economic level
and the sun of family members with nutrient degree at Puskesmas Sukamerindu. This research
use descriptive analytic research desaign with case control scheme. The population in this
research is all of the children under five years old in Puskesmas Sukamerindu region, the
sample is 60 childs under five years old with case sample is taking by total sampling and
control sample is taking by purposive sampling. The method of taking the data is using
secondary data and primary data (quisionary whereas the method of analyzing data is using
Chi-Square). The result of univaried analyzing is almost half of part (31,7%) mother’s had
less of knowledge degree, almost half of past (45,0%) family had low of economic level,
almost half of part (46,7%) family had the sum of family members > 4 persons. The result of
bivaried analyzing shows there is a mean relation between mothers knowledge degree (p =
0,000), economic level (p = 0,000) with nutriet degree of child under five years old. The result
of this research shows there isn’t a relation between the sum of family member (p = 0,547)
with nutrient degree of child under years old. Hoping for the paramedics especially midwife
can increasing the nutrient knowledge of the mothers with give a conseling about nutrient and
do the monitoring nutrient degree periodicly.