• Afriska Lestantina
  • Anang Wahyudi, Emy Yuliantini
Keywords: Nutrition Counseling, Knowledge, Energy Intake, Fat intake, Fiber intake


Obesity is a condition of excessive weight due to excessive accumulation of fat
in the body. The prevalence of obesity aged ≥ 15 years in 2015 in Bengkulu city is 308
people (3.15%), the prevalence increases compared with the previous year. The purpose
of this research is to know the influence of nutrition counseling to knowledge, energy
intake, fat intake, and fiber intake in obese teenager at vocational high school 01
bengkulu city in 2017. This research is pre-experiment research with pretest-postest onegroup
design. The number of respondents obtained as many as 17 samples with Simple
Random Sampling technique. Knowledge data were obtained from questionnaire
statements, energy intake data, fat intake and fiber intake, obtained from 24-hour recall
form. The data obtained were analyzed using the dependent T-test and Wilcoxon test. The
results showed that there was influence of nutritional counseling to knowledge, there was
influence of nutritional counseling to energy intake, and there influence of nutrition
counseling to fat intake, whereas in fiber intake there was no effect of nutrition
counseling to fiber intake, mean post intervention was lower than pre intervention.
Respondents need to pay attention and increase the consumption of foods high in fiber
and lower consumption of foods high in energy and high fat and increase physical
activity. As a follow up of nutrition counseling activities, schools are expected to provide
facilities and infrastructure for adolescents to conduct nutritional counseling.


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