• Annisa Ul-Ilmi
  • Serilaila, Reka Lagora Marsofely
Keywords: Anemia, Birthage, Parity, Postpartum Bleeding, Age


Bleeding is one of the causes of maternal deaths at Curup General Hospital in 2016
with the number of cases as many as 123 cases. Many factors affect the occurrence of postpartum
bleeding such as parity, birth spacing, age and anemia. This study aims to determine the risk
factors that affect post partum hemorrhage at Curup General Hospital District Rejang Lebong
Year 2016. Descriptive analytic research method with case control design. The sample was 246
with ratio 1 between case group and control group (123). Data were analyzed by univariate,
bivariate and multivariate using cgi square test and binary logistic regression. There was no
correlation between birth and postpartum hemorrhage (p-value = 0.199, OR = 1.392), there was a
correlation between birth age and postpartum hemorrhage (p-value = 0.002, OR = 2.220) and no
anemia relationship with postpartum hemorrhage (p-value = 0.294, OR = 0.759). The most
influential factors for post partum bleeding were parity (p-value = 0.044, OR = 0.589). Especially
in mothers to be delivered in specific and comprehensive detection especially for mother primi or
grandemultipara especially at the time of III and IV by doing active management action of third
stage so as to prevent the occurrence of uterine atony.


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