• Agnes Julisca Cemara
  • Ratna Dewi, Wisuda Andeka Marleni
Keywords: Exclusive Breast Milk, Social Support, Self-efficacy, Postpartum


Bengkulu City is the city with the lowest coverage of 9 districts / cities in
Bengkulu Province in 2015 by 38%. The success of breastfeeding can be increased in
mothers who have high breastfeeding self-efficacy. One of the factors that influence
breastfeeding self-efficacy is the existence of social support sourced from the family
(husband), cadres, and health personnel (midwives). This study aims to determine the
analysis of social support on breastfeeding self-efficacy of postpartum in the Working
Area of PuskesmasLingkar. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology
approach. The subjects of the study were chosen by using purposive sampling technique
consisting of 6 primary informants which is 3 postpartum mothers with high efficacy and
3 postpartum mothers with low efficacy and 6 secondary informants which is 2 midwives,
2 cadres and 2 husbands, each consisting of low and high efficacy. The results showed
that social support in the form of family support (husband), cadres and health workers
(midwives) affects self-efficacy of breastfeeding in postpartum. Forms of family support
(husband) and health personnel (midwife) are informational, emotional, assessment and
intrumental support. Forms of cadre support is just informational suppor. It is expected
that health workers can provide a comprehensive extension of ASI to mother and family.
Training of cadres also needs to be done to improve the role and task of cadres in
improving the success of postpartum mother to breastfeed her baby exclusively.


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