• Selly Marsela Putri
Keywords: Fiber Consumption, Natrium Consumption, Potassium Consumption, Calcium Consumption,, Physical Activity, Blood Pressure


The lifestyle changes influence to dietary habit, less physical activity, smoking,
stress, family’s background and eating foods habit in high natrium, low fiber, low potassium
and low calcium will bring the consequences of developing hypertension. The aim of this
research was to find the relation between the consumptions of fiber, natrium, potassium,
calcium and physical activity with blood pressure of hypertension patients at Basuki Rahmad
local medical center working area Bengkulu City on 2016. This research was survey analytic
with cross-sectional approachment. The sample was done by using simple random sampling
technique. Then the data was analyzed in bivariet by using correlation regression and was
analyzed through multivariate by using double linier regression. The result of this research
showed the respondents consumption of fiber, natrium, potassium, calcium was under the
average normal requirements and the physical activity of hypertension patients was in mild
activity category (p value < 0,05). The dominant factor of blood pressure relation in this
research was fiber consumption. It is needed to do socialization and nutrient consultation by
using leaflets about the food that contains high fiber, potassium and calcium and also low
natrium to hypertension patients so that the respondents can keep dietary habit and reduce blood


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